The Sykia Pass lures the visitors.

At the northern entrance of Navarino Bay, the peninsula is separated from the island of Sfaktiria, by a narrow aquatic passage known as Sykia Pass (Fig pass).

The Sykia Pass is located at the end of the Divari Beach. In order to reach Divari Beach, you can do so either by car, following the sign spotted road from Gialova or walk across the pathway below Paliokastro from the southern side of Voidokilia Beach (around 600 meters).

This tranquil bay with a natural backdrop is like a vast, shallow pool with warm and transparent waters. For many it is considered an outdoor swimming heaven with striking scenery and aquamarine water which is a part of Natura 2000 program, untouched by any human intervention, with a long history.

This exotic beach formed over Sfaktiria Island, can be enjoyed and explored not only by the adventurous or skilled swimmers but from everyone. Crossing is worthwhile and the effort of swimming is quite achievable, as the distance of the Sykia Pass is just 250 meters.

For the little explorers, diving at the bay inspired by Greek Mythology can trigger the motivation for finding any hidden ancient treasure.

The opportunity provided by the place, to combine swimming in different beaches like Voidokilia and Divari or hiking on the Old Navarino Castle (Palaiokastro) makes this place a dazzling choice.

West Messinia, 5 km from Gialova.

allmessinia - 24/01/2022