Project description

(02/06/2015 14:40)


ALLMESSINIA is the initial project of specialized destination platforms, formed to ‘glocalise’ the tourism product in coordination with local unique characteristics. Tailored approaches to local communities tied together by a universal global framework.

The technology and Internet emergence has fundamentally transformed the global landscape. Economic value created through the convergence of communication, computing, content and commerce.

Ecosystems are the new scale and the new source of competitive advantage.

Having identified that tourism is a vital factor for destinations’ prosperity and growth; it should strategically leverage the different levels of local social economic sectors across the ecosystem.

Accordingly, on our model we place the tourism sector at the center of the local ecosystem as the central hub. Then, we create all possible spokes which represent the majority of local activities. As the main framework is shaped, the platform takes the role of ‘orchestrator’ by facilitating the various forces and information flows into a single and seamless enhanced force reflecting the destination as a whole.

ALLMESSINIA is a dynamic Online Destination Platform developed to:
i) Promote the destination through internet.
ii) Distribute the local tourism product online.

ALLMESSINIA focus to unlock the inspiration of travelers by:
• producing sophisticated storytelling,
• publishing current information,
• creating unique web features,
• interacting with social content.

ALLMESSINIA empower the travelers by:
• Integrating the tourism product into a booking platform.
• Offering unique and competitive travel options.
• Establishing easy and transparent procedures for booking online.
• Helping to access the local knowledge.
• Making travel easier, meeting expectations, avoiding frustration.
• Facilitating interactivity, evaluation, social hub.

ALLMESSINIA enhancing the local ecosystem by dynamically position it on the web:
• Online Distribution channel.
• Introducing new e-marketing products for stakeholders and new features for destination.
• Remarking on web the local travel providers and its services.
• Creates the potential for consolidated marketing strategies under one e-brand.
• Attract international web traffic in favor of participants.
• Targeting dynamic segments and specific markets.
• Integrates different sectors of local ecosystem.
• Connecting ecosystem with international and well established domestic sales streams.
• Implementing marketing strategy through local expertise

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