ALLMESSINIA proposes an interactive e-communication channel based on local knowledge, produces experiences through unique local authentic product and content, sustain exclusivity by robust local value chain, generate emotions based on local expertise and design custom web features to enhance engagement.

Looking on the whole picture of any destination, it is obvious that destinations consisted by a synthesis of multidimensional and heterogeneous entities. There are some distinctive characteristics that function as the drivers for building destinations' value, image and differentiation; those include historical landmarks, cultural events, natural spots, local cuisine and infrastructure. Mostly, the destination’s activities are building on, as a framework to contribute on overall competitiveness.
By understanding destinations’ competences, three main pillars are developed to attach destinations' characteristics into the platform.

Travel Trends

The evolution of local value chain potentially will facilitate to build real cooperative partnerships across the ecosystem, but it also ‘uncovers’ the hidden inventory. Stakeholders that participate under this framework will collaborate with other value chain partners to understand and serve customers better. Getting feedback from travelers that lead to co-create programs and engaging experiences. In addition, the challenging business environment also requires flexible supply chains that should respond quickly to a wide variety of changes internally and in the external environment.

Life insights

Streams of unique and current content available regarding, heritage, cultural events, sport venues and more. Introducing a new approach of presenting the local features like traditional festivals, investigating the micro environment uniqueness of local culture, composing attractive context, enhancing the value-added strategy contributed to each stakeholder, redirecting the processes of the entire destination and improving the decision-making stage for end customers.

Nature’s treasures

Emphasizing on nature’s importance for sustainable and responsible growth. Displaying the hidden natural gems and promoting the wealth of local goods. Creating unique features for exploring the nature, travelers’ adventure begins from research stage by discovering the amazing beauty of Messinia.



<<Inspiring with true flavors of Messinia | Sharing the hidden beauties of coasts and scenic villages | Engaging by enriching the knowledge of Messinia country life>>


allmessinia - 24/01/2022