Finding the unfound, telling the untold, searching for uniqueness.

Authenticity; imperfect is the new perfect. When travelers visit a new place, they want the most local experience possible. They don’t want to be branded a “tourist.” Enabling travelers to connect with people on a local level will fulfill the need for authenticity.

Being able to pinpoint unique excursions and “hidden gems”.

Build and sustain strong relationships, which cultivate mutual understanding and benefit between platform and stakeholders. On b2b environment on local level each participant cane efficiently expand its brand value by connecting with platform’s inventory.

Seamless traveler journey employs all strategies of eMarketing throughout the travel. The main idea highlights the need for enhanced information through the visit.

Facilitating to ‘uncover’ new sources of supply.

Enabling the creation of more inventory without creating more stuff.

allmessinia - 24/01/2022