Local Treasures

The generosity of nature

The Messinian land is blessed. As the locals say, whatever you sow in this land, will definitely grow. The traditional products of Messinia have not only gained respect worldwide but have also thrived in international markets – in international contests - thanks to the reliability of the producers and the excellent quality of the products. The Messinian products are totally aligned with the international trend for the gastronomical turn towards purer and more nutritious food.

The local “green gold”

Messinia is world famous for the impeccable quality of its olive oil, which is its basic local product. It is quite impressive to say that its olive groves alone cover:
• 58% of the arable land
• 85% of the tree plantations
It is estimated that on an annual basis Messinia produces 50 to 55 thousand tones of olive oil, 95% of which is extra virgin olive oil.

Fruity and soft

Messinian olive oil is mainly rated as “medium” and “soft”. The medium with a fruity taste is considered to be ideal for everyday use, for both fresh use and cooking. Respectively, the “soft” olive oil is suitable for salads, fish, potato and bread.

The Messinian “ambassadors”
The olives of Kalamata (Elies Kalamon) are known worldwide thanks to their exceptional quality. They constitute an example of the way traditional cultivation becomes recognized and acclaimed on an international basis. The olives are carefully selected and diligently processed in the old traditional way.

Products that are unique

The “orchard” of Europe

A few decades ago, the prevalent cultivated product in the area was raisins. Today, vineyards are still a basic farming choice with a great variety of vinification methods that make wine a product of exquisite high quality.
It is from these cultivations (namely the drained grapes of the vineyards) that the internationally acclaimed balsamic vinegar, distinguished for its unique sweet-sour taste, is produced. Among the most acclaimed Messinian products we find: honey, figs, pasteli, mustard, feta, sfela, cooked pork meats, the well known rusk from Mani while ouzo and tsipouro should also be included in this list. Furthermore, the horticultural products like cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins and so on are of excellent quality, so much so as the early fruit like watermelons, with which the markets of Central Europe are supplied.

PDO and PGI products:
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Olives of Kalamata (elies kalamon)
• Wine with indicative varieties: Assyrtico, Roditis, Fileri, Arintho, Sardone, Sauvignon blanc, Grenache rouge, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot
• Cheese: sfela, talagani
• Variety of fresh vegetables and the best watermelons
• Distilleries: ouzo, tsipouro, brandy, liqueurs

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