Kalo Nero Beach

Kyparissia Area

Have you swum in ‘good water’?

The beach at ‘Kalo Nero’ village or Kalonero as locals say it, actually meaning "good water", is situated on the Gulf of Kyparissia 6 km northeast of Kyparissia town.

This 2.5 kilometres mixed sand with small pebbles beach has clear blue waters of the Ionian open sea and attracts a fair amount of bathers during the summer season especially the peak (July-August). The seafront is quite developed with a number of small scaled hotels, tavernas, sea food restaurants and cafes.

The central part of the beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas where you can have refreshments or snacks served by the nearby cafeterias.

Sea turtles, Caretta Caretta, nest every summer on the beach. All nests have signed and marked with short wooden fence by environmental authorities (Archelon) and volunteers. In case you like to learn more about Caretta Caretta do not hesitate to visit the special Archelon’s Info kiosk, which operating during summer period. Young, enthusiast volunteers will inform you about these adorable animals.

Driving the road alongside the seafront, you can discover your own place on the sand. On the far northern part of the beach, rocks are mixed with sand. The main parking located on the left hand side (south) as you face the sea, alternatively you can park on the sides of the road.

The road has a moderate traffic, so why not combine swimming and jogging or walking along the beach, several benches are located by the side.

Do you enjoy sunsets? Then it would be a good idea to stay on the beach till dusk and watch the sun dip into the sea.

Kalo Nero has a relatively large railway station building, located alongside the central square of the village.

Showers and changing cabins available.

allmessinia - 06/02/2023