Never-ending stretch of fine sand

Described by some as being a paradise, Anemomylos or Makrynammos, located in the South of West Messinia has won many awards and it’s easy to see why.

With gorgeous fine soft golden sand washed by a sea that turns turquoise in the sun, it’s an oasis of stunning natural beauty.
The beach is 2500 meters long and over 50 meters wide; even in west side exceed the 80 meters.

It is valuable to highlight that the same beach is called by the locals with different names depend on the place the beach is access. Therefore the east side of the beach which is approachable within a walking distance (500meters) from the charming Finikounda is called Anemomylos, then is, Makrynammos or Charoupia. Thines located on the middle and it has a stream that flows down. At the far west side is called Maurovouni (meaning ‘black mountain’) because of the hill that turning black while the sun fading.

This large beach it is very famous, but never gets overcrowded. The water gently becoming deeper and it’s ideal for families with children.

From Anemomylos till Thines the beach is easy accessible by the car. There is a street that connects the Methoni –Koroni main road and passing along the beach. This is, also the essentially organized part of the shore. There are sunbeds, umbrellas, changing cabins, showers, canteens, family-run tavernas and few apartments for rent. There are also some camping sites that offering places under the trees. For wind surfing lovers, a water sports school operates many years and offers lessons or the equipment for rent to someone experienced.

The beach is also accessible by road at Maurovouni side, where sunbeds are available.

Walking along the beach you can find your own secluded space, so, take this chance and enjoy a priceless time on the beach.

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