A natural heaven

In Messinia nature has given its best! The imposing Taygetos, a 2407 metres high mountain, along with the mountain Likaio in the northeast side and the Mountains of Kiparissia in the west, make a great combination with the furtile meadow of Messinia, the huge olive groves and the vineyards of Trifilia and the mountainous Messinia from where the Pamisos, Nedon , Velika and Neda rivers run.

Co-existence and alternation

This “marriage” gives “birth” to amazing landscapes, lush gorges, ravines and hidden lakes with waterfalls. And if in the western coastline of Trifilia sandy beaches prevail, in Messinian Mani the visitor cannot help being impressed by the imposing roughness of the landscape, where ample sunshine and the ever presence of rock is prevalent. It is this diversity that excites the imagination, making Messinia one of the top touristic destinations of the country.

• Impressive mountains - Taygetos, Likaio and mounts of Kiparissia
• Rivers: Pamisos, Nedon, Velika and Neda
• Hidden lakes and waterfalls
• Fertile plains
• Infinite olive groves, hills with vineyards and raisins
• Beaches with turquoise waters

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