Enjoying the sun on a slice of paradise

Sand, sand and more sand. This rare stretch of beach is backed by broad stretches of golden sand fringed with pines, the Neda River and the Kyparissia (Agia Varvara) mountains.

Elaia bay is one of the last remaining unspoiled beaches in the Mediterranean. The whole bay, indeed, hosts the second largest population of Caretta caretta in the Mediterranean Sea (an average of 529 nests annually). The whole area as an ecosystem has been included in the European network Natura 2000 under the code name Dunes of Kyparissia. Due to the strict conservation efforts, there are no buildings around, keeping the beach in unspoiled conditions.

In Messinia lies the southern part of this massive strip of pale sand that ends around 60km Northern at Katakolon Bay. The natural assemblage of a secluded beach and the virgin pine forest can be reached from the main road that connects the west Peloponesse from Patra to Kyparissia. So, driving 5-6 km northern from the town of Kyparissia after Kalo Nero junction, there different signs and via a dirt road you reach the pristine beach.

Because of this endless nature, the locals have dedicated several names for the same bay in accordance of place you access it.

Elaia comes from the world Elia- means olive tree, and it’s the nearest village that you need to pass through before you reach the beach. Then around 3 km southern, the beach name as Ai Giannakis, form local church and abandoned train station, 1 km towards Kyparissia, is the Vlassada point, taken its name, from the nearest hilly village, and then is Vounaki because of the sand rock greenly hill.

Bring your own picnic because there are no bars or bustling restaurants along this quiet beach. Nor will you be disturbed by traffic noise.
The wide stretches of dunes dressed by sea daffodil and glimmering with turquoise waters which as an open sea could be choppy some times.

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