Pretty coastal village

The sunny Finikounda is one of Messinia’s most popular destination spots. The main factor that contributes of this success is the magnificent beaches that surround it.

Once you reach Finikounda , soon you realize that the essential point of this charming fishing harbor is the beach which is sandy, mostly with calmed turquoise waters.

At the background of the beach is lined with laid-back tavernas, beach cafes and a number of small village shops. As it is located inside the settlement, you will find everything you need very close. The beach is almost always with people.

Certainly, bathers can hire out sun loungers in some parts of the beach. The visitors, also, will find many excellent accommodation options to choose from including rooms to rent, camping sites and hotels.

Opposite Finikounda you can see the windswept islet of Schiza, the largest of the Messinian Oinouses islet network.
There are some parking lots on both sides of the beach, but might be limited during busy summer rush. Be advised to park on the street or by the church before approaching the coastline road which is transformed into pedestrian zone at evenings during the peak season.

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