Rare plants and herbs

Taygetos provides shelter to more than 1000 species of different plants, 28 of which are solely found on this imposing mountain of Messinia as they are unique worldwide.

300 year old fir trees … sea meadows in Poseidonies

Apart from the fir trees and the pine trees, which are at least 300 years old in the Forest of Vassiliki in Taygetos or the walnut trees and cypresses in the gorge of Vyros the Messinian flora is amazingly rich. It is made of cedar trees and lilies on the sand dunes along the coastline of the Ionian sea up to the sea meadows, with the Poseidonies in Methoni and the one of a kind Mediterranean forest of arbutus on the island Sapientza.

• 1000 species of wild plants
• Perennial trees
• Rare herbs

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