Stunning tiny cove

Located on the west Mani, Foneas Beach is one of the most favorite of the less known beaches of the area.

 The contrast between the cove’s white pebbles, the turquoise waters and the dark grey and green tall rock on the middle, provokes a breathtaking sight. Despite the tiny coastline (about 100 meters long), Foneas beach has some idyllic corners to lie down.

How to reach the cove? Foneas Beach is about an hour ago (by car)  from Kalamata. The Cove is located between Kardamili and Stoupa. More specifically, driving towards Stoupa there is a small bridge with yellow bars where you have to turn right. There you can find a place for parking but note that it is limited especially during the high season.

Foneas beach is not organized therefore you will not find any sunbeds. However, there is an ‘eco-friendly’ canteen with small tables under the olive trees serving coffee, juices, sandwiches and ouzo.

For those who enjoy extreme and alternative activities Foneas beach is one of the best places to visit. Snorkeling, jumping from the rocks or exploring the caves are a few of the activities that  you can enjoy at Foneas beach.


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