Rich, vivid and modern cultural activity
The cultural life in Messinia is not limited neither is it depleted in the brilliance of its impressive archaeological and historical places and monuments.
On the contrary, nowadays there is an abundant, let alone vivid cultural activity that goes beyond the boundaries of the Municipality, even beyond Greece, as it has acquired international fame and caused a great sensation.

International Dance Festival
A characteristic example is the International Dance Festival held in Kalamata, which for the last 21 years has not only contributed to the artistic life of the region, but it keeps communicating the latest developments of modern dancing worldwide.

Video Art Festival Zero
Another equally interesting cultural activity – internationally acclaimed as well - is the Video Art Festival Zero (this year the International Dance Festival organization will cooperate with not only the New Artistic Club of Kalamata but also with Video Art Festival Zero).
Festival Zero is a video festival that has been taking place on an annual basis for the last 10 years in open air public places not only in Kalamata but also in other places of the country, having showed units of presentations in specific exhibitions and organizations on an international basis.

International Jazz Festival in Kardamili
The majestic Kardamili hosts the melodies of Jazz music. A weeklong festival full of sax’s, guitars and wonderful vocal performances around the picturesque background. Variety of activities and incentives are organized during daytime, all those together with music, nature and local tastes offer generously the potential for self renaissance.

• International Dance Festival in Kalamata (July)
• Festival Zero (July)
• International Jazz Festival, Kardamili (May)

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