Kalamata Area

Kalamata not only is blessed with some of the Mediterranean most gorgeous scenery but also offers some of the most beautiful beaches along with urban pleasures.  Harmoniously embracing the Messinian Gulf, Kalamata has been built among the slopes of Taygetos mountain. Despite its small size, events such as the Kalamata International Dance Festival have given  an international dimension to the city. Not to mention that Kalamata  is a candidate city for the European Capital of Culture 2021.

The coastal Navarinou Avenue starting from the west side of the beach, at Cruise Ships Terminal and crossing to the east side with direction to the Messinian Mani. Full of tall, evergreen trees, this street is It is ideal for walking and cycling. For those who want to take a breath, there are plenty benches too.


The Beach of Kalamata

The virgin urban beach in Mediterranean

Greece has no  lack of gorgeous beaches, but when it comes to ALL IN ONE options, the beach of Kalamata is difficult to beat.

The Blue flag beach of Kalamata is 2.5 km from the city center. So, you can feel free to take a walk to the beach or use a bicycle following the marked cycle lane, starting from the north parts of the city (old town) cycling through the Aristomenous (Kalamata’s high street) and continuing across the coastline.

At the beach of Kalamata, you can find plenty of high quality and affordable restaurants & tavernas, offering all kind of meals, like; classical Greek specialties, flavorful local cooking, fresh seafood and traditional cuisine. For those who love the street foods, there are dozens of canteens serving delicious ‘souvlaki’, pizza and burgers. The coffee and ice cream lovers, can find many cafes and gelaterias at Navarinou Avenue.

 The beach of Kalamata is very clean with relatively shallow water. It has soft sand mixed with thin pebbles at water’s edge. Access is free but there are also organized parts with facilities and services (umbrellas, sunbeds, cabins), where, apart from swimming, you have the opportunity to do water sports. The easternmost part of Kalamata’s beach is very wide and without amenities and is the most crowded one as it is considered to be the best part for swimming.

There is parking in many places.  Urban bus is also available.

 It is valuable to mention two specific places of Kalamata’s beach:

-       East part of Kalamata beach  at Anastasi  Church  (Navarinou)

-       East part of  Kalamata at the End of Navarinou road

Both hold Blue Flag 2016 with excellent facilities and a lifeguard operating during summer time.

The beach at Anastasi has an exceptional infrastructure for disabled people. There is accessibility for wheelchair users, the tarmac is flat and level car park meets the sand which is approximately 30m away from the water and just couple of meters  away from the beach platform for wheelchairs. 

The beach of Kalamata  is busy during the hot summer by both locals and tourists.





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