Pure taste of traditional cuisine

The Messinian cuisine is well known for its taste and for the fact that it has remained unalterable in time. It is a mixture of a harmonious combination between local products and the way of life of the residents. Everyday life, customs and traditions as well as religion are depicted in this cultural asset: the Messinian delicious cuisine which varies depending on the time of the year and the entailed activities (weddings, baptism, cultivating the land, Christmas, Easter ...)

'Gourounopoula', a well known delicacy

Gourounopoula is one of the most famous delicacies you can find in every village of Messinia.
“Rooster with tomato hilopites pasta” is an equally popular dish the recipe of which passes down from mother to daughter. A number of delicious dishes like cagianas (tomatoes with eggs and olive oil), lalaggia (crunchy dough strips that you can find in all the bakeries of Messinia and are well known as they are extremely addictive!), talagani cheese the taste of which brings to mind the Cypriot haloumi, made of goat milk and sausage with orange, are but a few of the delicacies of the traditional Messinian cuisine. Other famous delicacies are: boiled goat meat, salt pork (“salted pork belly” actually: a practice known for decades since it has always been a popular way to preserve meat) and last but not least fried cod-fish with Greek garlic mashed potatoes (skordalia).

'Diples' for every joyful occasion…

Tradition has identified diples (traditional Messinian sweet) with joy and the happiest moments of the Messinians. They are offered as a sweet during Christmas celebrations, in weddings to celebrate the beginning of the common life of the newlyweds, in baptism, when a baby is born and in innumerable other occasions. All important events of everyday life are thus sweetened and celebrated!

• Local recipes
• Fresh salads
• Fish
• Vegetarian (stuffed tomatoes and peppers, briam, potato casserole)
• Sweets

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