A fertile land

The “wealth” of the region
Agriculture is the main occupation of the residents of Messinia. The field of manufacturing is equally remarkable as the primary wealth of the region is taken advantage of as well. Tourism is a fast developing and full of expectations field that all local people have enthusiastically embraced.

The harmonious relationship of the inhabitants with the Messinian land

The Messinian land has been cultivated since ancient times. The Messinian agricultural workers have developed their own codes of communication with their land. Their specialized know-how has passed down from generation to generation and keeps evolving, adopting the latest scientific and technological advances.
The result of this harmonious relationship is the production of unique products that have been accredited for the high standard of their quality and are consequently sought after in the international markets.
The pure agricultural products of the Messinian land such as olive oil, honey, figs, raisins, are a byword for the Mediterranean diet while they constitute the foundation of the so called gastronomic tourism, the development of agrotourism-ecotourism and the novel idea recently conceived, that of the Greek - Messinian breakfast.
All this potential will not only offer new developmental perspective for the local people but also acquaint the visitor with the tastes and flavors of the Messinian land, the simplicity, the hospitality and the directness of its inhabitants let alone add up to its “fame” in general.

In two minutes…

As time goes by, the type of the agricultural or extended family has changed considerably as the new generations try to blend the traditional way of life with a new, more modern lifestyle. In this wonderful fusion it is the land itself that helps the most. As we leave the airport for instance or drive away from Kalamata, it only takes a few miles to realize that the intense tempo of life and the general hustle and bustle of the big cities calms down in the serenity of life in a village.

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