Where is Messinia?
Messinia is situated in the southwest part of Peloponnesus, which is the biggest peninsula in Greece. Its geographical location is an articulate example of its uniqueness as it was a commercial crossroad during the middle Ages and consequently an important node of people and civilizations.

A border of ancient civilizations
Neda, the only river with a female name in the Greek territory, separates north Messinia from Ancient Olympia situated in fertile Ilia. The mountains of Arcadia and the imposing mountain of Taygetos constitute the natural, “wild” borders with the Arcadians (Pelasgoi) and the Spartans on the east. The wild landscape “abates” towards the southwest parts where Messinia dives into the warm and deep waters of the Messinian gulf and the crystal clear turquoise of the Ionian archipelago.

The capital
Kalamata is a modern, lively and beautiful city that combines the peace and quiet of the sea with the wilderness of Taygetos in the foothills of which it is built. It is the commercial, administrative centre of the area and combines entertainment with culture and a whole range of activities as well.

• A crossroad of people; a border of ancient civilizations
• It is situated in the southwest of the Peloponnese peninsula
• Its capital is Kalamata

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