Τhe Mati or Chrysi Akti (‘golden beach’ in Greek); named due to its endless shore of golden sand. It’s about 3500 meters long and 40-50 meters wide with pure sand. This huge expanse of sand, changing its shape continually, chiseled out by the wind coming off the ocean.

The swoosh blown your senses, the coastal forest all along the upper part of the beach lean appealingly towards the pale yellow sand and the sea water is so clear, even can see the golden sand under the water. What else do you need?

Within just 100-150 meters walk towards the south, you can leave back the crowded area and enjoy privacy under the gentle sun. Several driftwood and old reed are dotted about, bleached by the sun, perfect for den-building.

Simply, Chrysi Akti is the place that you will banish stress to the land “where things are put in perspective”.

Sometimes the Caretta careta turtles nests on this shore. All nests are marked by Archelon, in order to protect them from human activity and predation by mammals.

Walking or jogging to south following the coastline you will see the Navarino Dunes Golf Resort, part of Costa Navarino. This is a new sustainable and family friendly development that offering excellent facilities and services.

A refreshing experience by swimming at the estuary, the mouth of the small river (north side). The chilled water makes the difference.

At the southern part of the beach hiking on the dunes you will meet the Romanos Beach.

Parking space can be seen limited between 10th -20th of August each year. This is the really peak period of the area. Better visit morning hours or during afternoon.

There are sun loungers, umbrellas and service from the nearby beach bars. Showers and changing cabins also available.
In case you are wind surfing or kite surfing passionate the spot is ideal. Occasionally a wind surf school operating but this is not a standard. Therefore, you can enjoy the sport bringing your own equipment.

The Mati or Chrysi Akti, is found 8 km away from Marathopolis or 11 km from Gargaliani to the south. Basically, this road connects south Trifillia, with Pylos through Tragana village.
From south you are driving through Gialova, to north. At the ‘Koryfasio’ junction turn slightly left - following the sign ‘Tragana’ and keep going as the road leads. In couple of kms there is another junction, follow the right hand side to Tragana.
Actually this way is shorter to drive to the north –Kyparissia than following the signs at ‘Koryfasio’ junction.

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