A place you get in love with from the very first moment
Messinia is a place you fall in love with at first sight. Love comes as soon as you get to know it better. Travelling to that particular part of Greece will lure you with the junketing of flavors and tastes while you will be carried away by the differences it exhibits as well as its exuberance. A tender hug with your sweetheart on a golden sandy beach during the setting of the sun or a selfie with a perennial olive tree in the background are simple expressions of this unique experience.

Where the blue of the sky and the blue of the Ionian archipelago intersect
Messinia is a destination characterized by the playful inspiration of nature. The endless coastline tenderly sweeps round the meadows with the running waters while the massif of Taygetos scans the horizon where the blue of the sky and the blue of the Ionian archipelago go in the greenery of the vast olive groves and vineyards.

The luxury of simplicity
Equally generous are the people of the Messinian land, who offer hospitality abundantly as their ancestors have always done before them. Nonetheless, this innate Greek trait dates back from the ancient times. Messinia is a destination that fulfills almost all the needs and expectations of its visitors.

Why should one choose Messinia as a destination?
Traditional villages architecturally outstanding are side by side with state-of- the –art touristic infrastructure. Paradise beaches with turquoise waters and golden shores along with a number of unexplored little islands switch between the imposing massif of Taygetos, with gorges, wetlands, lakes and waterfalls.

An invaluable place
The trails leading back in time bring forth the ancient inheritance found in the magnificent monuments of archaeological and historical importance as well as a number of well preserved Venetian castles of outstanding beauty situated by the seashore which are witnesses and undimmed guards of a legacy dating back in ancient times. All those who lived in this blessed land seem to have made their special mark here!

I want to live the experience!!!
Apart from the picturesque beauty of the virgin and quaint places of the region or the colors of the landscapes, this blessed land will definitely captivate and allure its visitors in a singular world of “tastes” thanks to its numerous traditional products like its virgin olive oil, its unique wine, its fresh fish. Messinia is an ideal destination all year round while it stands out as a “heaven” on earth that is only two hours away from Athens by car.


• Traditional villages of unique architectural importance and state-of-the-art touristic units.
• Paradise beaches and unexplored little islands switch between Taygetos, gorges, lakes and waterfalls.
• Virgin places and historical sights of unique value.
• Blessed land with numerous traditional products.

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