Perfect for Families

Methoni is geographically situated at the southernmost tip of the western Peloponnese. Well known throughout the Mediterranean for its imposing Venetian ‘castle city’ built in the 13th century CE. This mythical fortress covers an area of about 93 acres and still impressively standing at the west south side of nowadays Methoni.

By the base of the stronghold, a long sandy and shallow beach stretches all the way till the other side of the bay. In the middle point of the bay there are parts with pebbles altering the icon of the scenery.

This picturesque town maintains its traditional architecture which is visible in its unique mansions while meeting the needs of every visitor by offering a wide choice of restaurants, taverns, hotels and guest houses. There different small ‘piazza’ around the Methoni, that calling visitors to discover.

The clear and shallow waters are ideal for small children to wade in or to play water games. For youngsters the sand sport facilities are perfect for a playful time.

The promenade with big salt cedars across the coastline, gives you some stunning views of the walls, the ‘Bourtzi’ and the Island of Sapientza.

Methoni is the south end of west Messinia’s road network, therefore coming from north, you driving around 12km south after Pylos.
From the east side, you following the Koroni-Methoni road (passing by Finikounda).

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