Mikri Mantinia Blue Flag 2016

Awarded with Blue flag, Mikri Mantinia is a magical pebbled beach that fulfills the most crazy  dreams. The hot summer days, you can find redemption at this peaceful with small bays in row beach, due to the cool streams at the bottom of the sea. There are also many tavernas and restaurants offering freshy homemade food, where you can enjoy your lunch while overlooking the blue crystal water of Mikri Mantinia.

Mikri Mantinia is a small sea side settlement just 10 km away from Kalamata. It is quite new area, as the old uphill village collapsed by an earthquake during 40’s. Many hostels and guest houses have been constructed at Mikri Mantinia during the last decades.

At Haraugi, a 4 km away from Mikri Mantinia village, you can see the Kapetanakis Tower Family. This impressive stoned building developed on 1795 for ‘Mani’ Kapetanakis family is a representative sample of the distinctive society and traditional architecture.

Don't forget your flip-flops, however, as la plage is covered with small, smooth pebbles called ‘votsala’.

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