Natura 2000

The magical power of Nature

Indicative of the wealth and diversity of the Messinian nature is the number of the regions that are under the protection of the network Natura 2000.

Sand dunes, gorges, mountainous landscapes…

In this network the dunes of Kiparissia are included (parts of the coastal zone of the west Peloponnesus with sand dunes up to 10 meters high; also one of the places of the reproduction of Caretta-caretta), the gorge of Neda (with the deep steep ravine with a length of 9 km and its heavenly beautiful small lakes) but also Taygetos and Langada Tripis (a place of great importance as an ecosystem in the central part of which more than 160 Greek indigenous plants have their own shelter; one of a kind in Greece).

…but also unexplored little islands with shipwrecks

The little islands Sapientza and Schiza with the promontory Akritas (which belong to the network Natura) present an exceptional interest, which along with Venetiko and Agia Mariani, make up the Messinian Oinouses of Methoni, where there is the deepest part of the Mediterranean sea (5.121 metres) and where research of the experiment “Nestor” is conducted.
Natura network is comprised of Gialova lagoon (along with the gulf of Navarino and Sfaktiria), the southern station of the migratory birds from the Balkans and of the sea of the Straight of Methoni. This naval area includes the shores from Cape Kolibri to Chontros Kavos as well as the northern parts of Sapientza, the bottom of which is a great destination for scuba diving thanks to its exceptional fauna and flora but also its impressive shipwrecks.

• Endless sand dunes
• Majestic unexplored islands with scattered shipwrecks
• Internationally known ecosystems like Gialova lagoon
• Wild gorges with small lakes and rivers

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