Focusing on early stages of awareness and online sales ALLMESSINIA sets clear objectives roadmap composed by identifying local competencies, limitations and potentials, adjusted on Internet competition and challenges.

We at ALLMESSINIA distinctively co-working on two fields; the internal (destination) and the external (internet environment). Although both are linked via the platform, it is vital to come up to each one with delicate approach and produce stages that include feasible objectives.

Introducing on first level, basic products and strategies ALLMESSINIA attempts to influence the local process in terms of becoming the Internet enablers, marketing innovators, the interactive communication channel for the local participants and the online provider of the local experience for ‘users’ (potential travelers).

More specifically,
• Awareness and penetration on the local tourism stakeholders.
• Introduce the marketing packages on local business of other sectors.
• Build intelligent and sophisticated content, which creates a unique asset for ALLMESSINIA and contributing on communication strategy.
• Implement the e-marketing strategy; creating an ebrand of Excellence for Messinia.

• High ranking on Search engines and other specialized content channels.
• Provide advertisement places to Wholesale Media Agencies .
• Multi channel strategy, with other online channel partners (aggregators, OTA, GDS, specialized agencies).
• Create a dynamic and engaged audience (followers).
Offering competitive and exclusive travel products throughout the year.


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