Laid back coastal village

Petalidi is an area that essentially has everything. It is a large coastal village with many amenities for tourists, while at the same time maintaining its traditional heritage. It combines mountain, sea and plains. In the town square visitors will find coffee shops and restaurants, and the picturesque harbor is the main point of attraction.

The beach in Petalidi is around 200 meters mixed pebbles with thick sand and quite narrow. Petalidi is busy in summer with families who enjoy the easy access.

Visiting the area during the morning hours you will be amazed by the changing colors of the sea as the sun rising.

Adventurous souls will enjoy hikes along the green riverbanks of Karya, as well as other routes around the area. Along this path one will pass waterfalls and small lakes that can be crossed on foot. The routes have duration of two to four hours and are organized with special care by the Friends of the River Karya Association.

Petalidi is about 25 km from Kalamata or just 6 km after the junction of Rizomylos. Driving from south you following the main route to Rizomylos passing by Harokopio, Nea Koroni and Agios Andreas.

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