Wonderful and yummy

Across the small village of Petrohori, there is a lovely Mediterranean scenery. The Petrohori beach is accessible by car from the north and south. It is between the famous Voidokilia and Romanos beach that is located on its right.

What makes Petrohori beach stunning?

Golden sand mixed with very tinny pebbles and rocky fingers at the side poking into the Med. The salt cedar trees and bushes blended with olive trees.
It is a perfect place to activate your senses, snorkeling on the rocky side, hiking on the dunes (‘ammothines’ in greek), chilling out at the beach bar or sun bathing and listening the swoosh.

At the heart of the beach lies the bar - restaurant, relaxed, intimate and friendly with gasp inducing views of Ionian open sea and the impregnable by design, Palaiokastro which is located at the same rock with legendary Cave of King Nestor.
Enjoy many culinary delights made by fresh organic products by watching the sun fall behind the horizon, painting the sky shades of red and pink.

Parking is available and free. There are several facilities such as beach volley, changing cabins and lounges.

You can reach the Petrohori shore, starting from south, passing by Gialova, couple of km to north you turn at ‘Koryfasion’ junction on the left- same way as Voidokilia. On the way there signs to follow for Petrohori beach.
From north, the broad direction is Pylos, after Marathopoli keep going straight. Driving though Tragana village, try to pull off safely the way, the view is stunning. You either turn on Romanos and then follow the signs to Petrohori or keep driving and turn on Voidokilia sign.

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