Ritsa Beach


Hidden gem

For those looking for a more laid-back alternative time on the beach, try visiting the magnificent beach in picturesque Kardamili.

Ritsa is a 1000 meters long white pebble beach with exotic crystal clear waters. The snorkeling is an excited experience; the visibility underwater is more than 50 meters and the bottom has many hidden secrets to uncover.

Ritsa beach even is the main coastline of Kardamili, is quite secluded as it is not obvious from the road or the village center. So, in order to get there and enjoy this natural secret treasure- driving from Kalamata (36km 50 min drive)- as soon you entry Kardamili, turn right on the church.

Your time is not restricted only by taking the pleasure of the sea but continuing by a delightful gastronomical experience on the traditional tavernas of the area.

Kardamili is a charming village splashed by the sea, surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees, overhanging by cliffs that's because it has featured atmospherically in numerous films and screenplays. Much of the ‘Before Midnight’ filming took place in and around Kardamili.

Music plays a big part in the Kardamili’s calendar, with a Jazz live music festival during May, life gets no better than listening the sounds of some much loved musicians.

Looking for a little more adventure on your visit several hiking and climbing tours are available from the local activities centers.

You can find parking at the sides of the coastal street.

Coming from south, you passing Stoupa and keep driving 6km the road northern to Kardamili, the views are magnificent.


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