Secluded or Crowded? You choose…

The fabulous Romanos coast line is located on the south west Messinia, and took its name from the nearby village (2 km distance). The area is inhabited since the Early Bronze Age (3100-2050 BCE) and several important discoveries from excavations are now researched.

The great Romanos coast line combines several individual sandy beaches, where people can choose from secluded and tranquil, to popular and crowded on specific areas.

As you reaching the coast, you can either keep driving straight for the remote beaches, named as Buca of Romanos or you turn left (south) to follow the cheerful bathers. The lately beach is the main of Romanos, also known to locals as Glyfadaki.

There is a plenty of parking places and plenty of welcoming mood. At the begging of this Romanos beach, you will find a beach restaurant with adequate facilities.

The beach is characterized by the marvelous sand and sea breeze. Walking through the first part, the beach becoming pristine surrounded at the background from sandy dunes.
Sand sport facilities located on the organized part, while sun beds and shades.

You can reach the area following the signs ‘Romanos’.
Romanos beach is located about 15 kilometers northwest of Pylos. Starting from Pylos, you pass Gialova, and after 2-3 kilometers you turn for the village of Romanos. After passing through the village, you follow the signs to the beach. You keep on 2 kilometers through olive groves and dunes and reaching the beach you turn left where you see the parking lot of the beach.
From the north driving through Marathoplis, following the direction to Pylos (south), after passing Tragana village with the incredible panoramic view towards Navarino Gulf, you will meet the sign to Romanos.

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