the tiny bay among the green

One part of the south-western Messinia coast is rocks, carved into the small cliffs that drop sheer into the Mediterranean.
But there is one place that drawing people – locals, as much as tourists – just, 4 km away from Filiatra: it’s the enchanting Stomio bay.

This remote beach has an excellent sand mixed with very tinny pebble and clear waters. It’s getting deep shortly but the view while you swim is stunning.

There is a small canteen operating from beginning of June, where you can buy refreshments, cold coffee and water.
Few sunbeds and umbrellas available as well.

Stomio beach is accessible from north side as you driving from Kyparissia to south, on the main road, after ‘Faraklada’ junction (about 1 km on the right) you will notice a sign turn ‘Stomion’. Coming from south, driving through Filiatra and after couple of kms, there is an obvious sign to ‘Agrilos or Agrilis’, follow this road and turn on ‘Stomion’ sign. The drive is backed by fields of tomatoes, watermelons and olive groves.

After relaxing in a Stomio, you can visit Agrilis, a small settlement by the coast (4km to north). There are few tavernas and cafes, plus some sport facilities for the kids.

On Agrilis around mid-June the ‘Watermelon Festival’ is taking place. Farmers offering to visitors fresh slides of watermelon, there are also kiosks with delicacies made from watermelon and other local products. The music, dance, food and drinks also supporting the cheerful moments.

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