Nature’s masterpiece

If asked to design the perfect beach, Voidokilia on the west coast of Messinia, is probably what you would come up with. It’s an omega (Ω) -shaped cove with white sand, warm turquoise water, lush vegetation and a peaceful lagoon.

It is perhaps one of the most recognizable beaches in Greece, and this refers to ‘The Telegraphs’ 2016 ranking of the «Greece’s 17 most beautiful beaches» that includes the pristine Voidokilia.

Voïdokoilia owes its name to the Greek word Voufras that means “where the oxen live.” Others also believe that the name represents the curved shape of the shore which resembles the belly of an ox!

The location of the beach is remote, the road to reach the place is very narrow and requires attention and patient driving, especially during the busy summer months (July- August).

The whole area, including Gialova Lagoon is protected zone of Natura 2000, so, do not look for any organized touristic activity on the beach. The closest mini shop to buy some refreshments is 1.5km away.

There are several things to do or to explore in the area.

Swimming in crystal clear waters of Voidokilia and admiring the wonderful scenery. Jump diving on the north side rock. Snorkeling by the side of the rocks it is very interesting. Wading along the shore- the water is shallow. Hiking the massive dunes or explore some history- combining hiking and medium climbing, on the south side located above the beach you can see King Nestor's Cave and the ruins of Old Navarino Castle (Palaiokastro). As you climb, you will be amazed by the panorama views of Lagoon, Navarino Gulf and the endless ‘ocean’ of olive groves.

There is a serene hidden nudist beach called Glossa, across the small stream at the parking area. You need to hike on the path.

Driving a car, the way to follow is Petrochori. As you move on the road from south-Pylos to Gargaliani (North), passing Gialova and on couple of km turn left at the sign for Petrochori / Voidokilia (Koryfasion junction). After a bit winding drive through olive trees, you will come across a small junction. There, turn left and continue straight on the dirt road to the beach.


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