The Perfect beach for families

If you searching for relaxing and peaceful beach, then Vromoneri is your optimal option on west coast of Messinia, in southern Trifilia.


Vromoneri beach is as close to a tropical idyll, golden soft sand, surrounded by greenery and transparent waters. The Vromoneri is actually a small cove protected from the north west winds that usually blow in the area. This natural individuality set up a calm environment. The waters are shallow and warm ideal for kids.

For those that understand Greek don’t let the unpromising name put you off: Vromoneri (meaning ‘dirty water’) took its name from the mineral springs with sulfurous water, that in some rare occasions expels smelly. The springs have medicinal properties and are considered the most important in the area. The water has a constant temperature of 19.5 degrees Celsius and helps to treat respiratory problems, skin diseases, arthritis etc. In the past, water from the springs was widely used for drinking therapy, and baths were very popular. Unfortunately, today, the main building of the baths is not operating.

For the jump diving lovers, there is a flat rock (shaped as a deck) and deep waters on the left hand side as you looking the sea (south part). We suggest inspecting by snorkel the place and the depth before you try your jump. Occasionally there is a small canteen that operates, with sunbeds and umbrellas. Showers and cabins anyway existing. The rocks at both sides make snorkeling very excited activity.

TIP: In case you are experienced in spear fishing, the cove is an excellent spot. Basic Regulations for Spear fishing; Consider the safety of yourself and other people at all times. Don’t go spearfishing by yourself. Always have a dive buddy with you. Don’t dive without proper flags, rigging and float lines. Ask a local about the location.

The access to the beach is easy, located 7 km southern from Gargaliani or 6 km from Marathopoli. From the southern areas for example Romanos (to Gargaliani road) the distance is around 10km. The road ends at the beach, but there is no parking lot at the end, therefore park before the slope by the side of the road. Another option, especially when the companions are kids and elderly people, drive till the end drop off your stuff and make a U-turn to park the car in a safe place. There are also stairs on the south part of the beach.

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