Perfect climate
The climate in the area of Messinia is its great asset. Not only does it constitute this place an ideal destination for relaxation all year round but it also contributes to the agricultural cultivation of its high quality products.

Seasons interchange harmonically
Mediterranean Messinia has a mild climate with genial winters and warm summers therefore the effect of the sea and the off-shore breeze holds sway creating a nice climatic environment.
The average temperature falls to 9 degrees Celsius in the middle of winter while it does not exceed 33 degrees Celsius in the summer.
Equally ideal is the temperature both in spring and fall, with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.
Only on the peak of Taygetos is there snow in winter!

Under the Greek sun
A basic characteristic of Messinia is sunshine! The average annual sunshine in the area is more than 140 days.

• Mild winter and warm summer
• Ideal temperature in spring and fall
• Sunshine: the main characteristic of the region

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