From predatory animals…to the Mediterranean seal

With so many different and important ecosystems it comes as no surprise that the fauna of the Messinian land presents such a great diversity. In the mountainous forests of Taygetos there are predatory animals and almost all kinds of birds. In the Gulf of Kiparissia there are Caretta caretta turtles (this place is the second important region in the Mediterranean for its reproduction). In the open sea of Methoni, in the well known “Messinian Oinouses”, the Mediterranean seal and the rhinodolphin are permanent…inhabitants!

A shelter for rare species of birds

On the island Sapientza one can see the Cretan chamois, the well known kri kri, while dozens of migratory birds find a shelter in Gialova lagoon. It is quite amazing that in the wetland of Gialova, 271 species of birds have been registered out of the 442 that are found in the Greek territory, while this region is the only shelter all over Europe for the African chameleon.

• Caretta - caretta
• Dolphins and the Mediterranean seal
• 271 species of migratory birds- Flamingo

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